Practice Areas

Probate & Trust

When someone dies, their assets need to be transferred pursuant to a Will, through probate, or pursuant to a Revocable Trust or another form of nonprobate transfer. Attorneys in our firm have many years of experience in probate and trust matters.

We use cost-effective strategies to assist personal representatives or trustees with the transfer of assets and fulfillment of their responsibilities after the death of a loved one or someone they know. Unlike law firms that insist on doing work that a personal representative or trustee could do, and charging high fees, we enjoy serving in the role of a coach for the personal representative or trustee, to inform them when needed and allow them to do the tasks that they are able to do. This helps reduce fees for the estate, and results in more inheritance for the beneficiaries.

We want to provide the level of service that you want and need, based on your circumstances and wishes. Please contact us to find out how we can help you.